Our Primary goal is to get all our clients to OWN NOTHING,
because if they own nothing there is nothing to lose.

Register a Trust Online

Register a Trust Online

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Register a Company Online

The Incredible Power of Trusts

In this FREE high content training video you will learn.

  • The 5 everyday risks business owners face
  • The 5 absolute myths and misconceptions about trusts
  • The 10 Indispensable reasons why you must set up a Trust structure before you do anything else
  • How you can leave a lasting legacy for your family & loved ones

Trustfocus is the leading specialist provider of structuring services in South Africa, incorporating the specialist services of tax, accounting, legal and investment specialists, providing a holistic and comprehensive service solution, tailor made to business owners, property investors and any individual seeking intelligent advice on wealth protection and creation.

Trustfocus is part of the IGrow Group of Companies that has a national footprint and provides financial services in trust and accounting, wealth management, education events as well as Property Wealth.

specialises in estate planning, using Trusts, asset protection, corporate and commercial structures. The correctly administered trust structures, provides optimised tax planning, estate planning, asset protection, wealth creation and risk mitigation to our clientele.

Our mission at Trustfocus is for our investors to own no assets in their personal capacity, but control all of their wealth in trusts, so they can achieve financial freedom and more importantly, enjoy peace of mind while creating & protecting their hard earned money, ultimately leaving a legacy for their loved ones.

Trustfocus is always on the forefront of our industry and is continually looking for more strategic and comprehensive solutions for our business owners, property investors, and entrepreneurial clients.

In conjunction to our core service, Trustfocus is also the primary service provider for property investors in the buy-to-let market, servicing close to 30 000 property investors across South Africa.

Essential for
asset protection


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Essential as
asset holding entity


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Ensure complete
peace of mind


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Companies are registered with CIPC

Companies & Fees

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Protecting & Growing Your Wealth

Trust Focus South Africa offers key services that will support you in:

Trust & Accounting

Wealth Management

Educational Seminars

Property Investment

Home loan Financing

"A Trust creates a separate entity that is allowed to own assets and through the trustees, transact in its own name.”

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